• Richard McGuire – Then and There, Here and Now

Cartoonmuseum Basel
Vincent Tuset-Anrès, Anette Gehrig, Richard McGuire (ed.)

Richard McGuire – Then and There, Here and Now

May 2024, 144 pages, ca. 100 mainly colour illustrations, softcover, 22 x 29 cm
ISBN 978-3-03969-024-4

Richard McGuire – Then and There, Here and Now

First comprehensive publication on the artist’s oeuvre

Exhibition at the Cartoon Museum Basel: 8 June – 3 November 2024

The 2024 film of the graphic novel «Here» on show in cinemas

Richard McGuire (* 1957 ) is one of the really greats in the world of contemporary comics. In the early 1980s, he wandered around New York sticking drawings to walls and advertising for his punk band Liquid Liquid with posters. In the 1990s, he took on commissions for illustrations, worked for the press (above all for The New Yorker magazine) and created his own children’s books, games and toys; later he produced animated films and comic books. His graphic novel Here published in 2014 is still regarded as a milestone.

The publication offers a first comprehensive overview of McGuire’s work, which combines graphic elegance, intelligent concepts and a delight in experimentation. Within the space of the book, works from different creative periods in the artist’s life come together, an allusion to the unusual time concept in his graphic novel Here.