• Lorenzo Mattotti

Anette Gehrig (ed.)

Lorenzo Mattotti
Ligne fragile

November 2017, 128 pages, 80 b/w illustrations, softcover with flaps, 15,5 x 21,5 cm, German/English
ISBN 978-3-85616-846-9

Lorenzo Mattotti

First German-language publication on his fine drawings in the ligne fragile style

On the border between comic, illustration and free art

Lorenzo Mattotti in one of today’s most internationally famous draughtsman known particularly for his cross-border understanding of art. In the form of the comic, the illustration, the drawing and other stylistic media he takes us to mysterious worlds marked by fantastic occurrences. However Mattotti returns repeatedly in his work to the spontaneous and direct drawing. With his typical ligne fragile he creates a delicate pictorial poetry that provides ample scope for interpretation.

This is the first German-language publication on those fine drawings, the filigree fragility of which give expression to a unique sensitivity. The publication provides an exciting insight into Mattotti’s poignant drawing technique.