• Coniunctura

Aargauer Kunsthaus (ed.)
Dominic Michel, Jeanne Randolph


January 2022, 60 pages, 35 colour illustrations, fanfold publication with flap cover, 24 x 31 cm, German / Englisch
ISBN 978-3-85616-968-8

i18n: Termine zu Produkt-Titel Events


Publication marking the first large solo exhibition of works by the winner of the 2022 Manor Art Prize Aarau

With an essay by the Canadian critic, artist and psychoanalyst Jeanne Randolph

Dominic Michel (* 1987) is with winner of the 2022 Manor Art Prize Aarau, one of the most important promotional prizes awarded for contemporary art in Switzerland. In his work Michel explores the socio-cultural signification of everyday objects and places and how these can change.

On the occasion of the exhibition at Aaargauer Kunsthaus, the artist’s first monograph entitled Coniunctura will be published. The features photograph series for which the artist chose as his point of departure his own collection of glass vessels painted in green on the insides. The glasses, arranged in earlier exhibitions as a still life, were rearranged by Michel in 50 photographs all against the same background but in alternating formation. The result are moments of mirroring and distortion.

Design: Marietta Eugster Studio

Die im ungewohnten Leporello-Format zusammengefügte Publikation verzichtet auf Klammern, Fäden und Kleber und wirkt damit verletzlich aber auch flexibel. Der zusätzlich im Siebdruck aufwändig gestaltete Umschlag vereinigt die Publikation und die Photographien zu einem Gesamtkunstwerk (Wieland Kramer, Der Glasfreund, 1.02.2022)