• How Basel changed the world

Matthias Buschle, Daniel Hagmann

How Basel changed the world

December 2018, 176 pages, hardcover, 9,5 x 15 cm, English
ISBN 978-3-85616-872-8

How Basel changed the world

2. edition

Discoveries and ideas from Basel that changed the world

Poisons and drugs, missionaries and celebrities

The book tells exciting stories exemplifying when, how and that Basel was the hub of the universe

Basel has been the scene of events, discoveries and ideas that initially seemed insignificant but later altered the world: the discovery of LSD and DDT, the impact of the Basel Mission, the Zionist World Congress. Personalities like Hans Holbein, Karl Jaspers and Friedrich Nietzsche once lived here, moulding the city and helping to make its name known around the world. Who remembers the once world famous figure-skaters ‹Frick and Frack›? What has Basel got to do with the international cocoa trade, or with the beginnings of nature conservation? And did you know that the very first time the Koran appeared in printed form was in this strictly Protestant city on the river Rhine?

The authors Matthias Buschle and Daniel Hagmann have collated numerous exciting and informative stories to produce a treasure trove for anyone interested in history and an Eldorado for anyone who is simply curious.

About the authors:
Matthias Buschle (*1970) is an art historian, journalist and exhibition curator.
Daniel Hagmann (*1966) has a PhD in history and has been writing for many years on the cultural history of the Basel region.