• Leaps in Time (E)

Historisches Museum Basel (ed.)
Jonathan Büttner, Gudrun Piller, Daniel Suter

Leaps in Time (E)
A Brief History of Basel

June 2020, 172 pages, 184 mainly colour illustrations, softcover with flaps, 19 x 24 cm, English
ISBN 978-3-85616-933-6

Leaps in Time (E)

Compact and entertaining depiction of the history of Basel from Neanderthal to today

New collection-presentation at the Basel Historical Museum

About 200,000 people from 200 nations live in Basel. The city is the centre of a large tri-national region whose history extends far back in time. Zeitsprünge / Leaps in Time provide a concise survey of the events and developments that have marked the city and the region. The most important testimonial to the city’s history and also surprising everyday objects lead us through time – beginning with the earliest human traces and extending up to present-day things. City views, plans, models and historical photographs enable an in-depth view of the swift transformation of the city between 1850 and 1950. The most recent history is highlighted using six focal points, including the relationship between the Basel city and Basel-Landschaft cantons, immigration and migration, the importance of the pharmaceutical industry or the handling of space and nature.

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Das reich illustrierte Buch, das in deutscher und englischer Version erscheint, bietet einer breiten Leserschaft einen schnellen und anschaulichen Zugang zur Basler Geschichte. (Basler Woche, 23.6.20)