• S AM 14 - Filmbau / Constructing Film

S AM Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum (ed.)

S AM 14 - Filmbau / Constructing Film
Schweizer Architektur im bewegten Bild / Swiss Architecture in the Moving Image

October 2015, 176 pages, 80 colour illustrations, softcover, 22,5 x 30 cm, German/English
ISBN 978-3-85616-664-9

S AM 14 - Filmbau / Constructing Film

Interplay of architecture and film

The excitingly multifaceted interplay between architecture and film

Illustrated by Swiss architectural projects of the past 25 years

Interview with Christoph Schaub

The moving image harbours considerable potential as an analytical instrument and representational medium for architecture. Following the publications, «Bildbau/Building Images» and «Textbau/Constructing Texts» dealing with the relationship between architecture, photography and text, the S AM now approaches a further medium for conveying building culture: film.

Film and architecture have numerous points where they overlap and coincide, and these are explored in Filmbau. Given its multidimensionality, film is an appropriate medium for realistically reproducing architecture. Furthermore, like the film director, the architect guides sequences of action through spatial structures. Finally, there is the interesting interplay: to what extent does filmic seeing produce new possibilities for seeing architecture?; how do modern media technologies alter the way we look at things?

The projects presented include the Ricola Herb Centre in Laufen (Herzog & de Meuron), the Art Museum in Appenzell (Gigon Guyer) and the Bardill atelier in Scharans (Valerio Olgiati).