• Shirley Jaffe - Form als Experiment/Form as Experiment

Kunstmuseum Basel
Olga Osadtschy, Frédéric Paul (ed.)

Shirley Jaffe - Form als Experiment/Form as Experiment

March 2023, 296 pages, 283 mainly colour illustrations, hardcover, 18 x 28,5 cm, German/English
ISBN 978-3-85616-989-3

Shirley Jaffe - Form als Experiment/Form as Experiment

First comprehensive monograph on the artist with texts in German

Numerous photographs from the artist’s personal archive

Exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Basel: 24 March to 30 July 2023

Shirley Jaffe (1923 –2016) led a productive, uncompromising and individualistic artist’s life dedicated entirely to painting. Although her oeuvre testifies to a great need for control as well as to courage in the face of complexity, it still remains playful, dynamic and nimble-footed. The texts in this book are an invitation to adopt this headstrong, sometimes contradictory view of the world.

The publication constitutes an appealing mix of assessments and testimonies by Jaffe’s companions, along with the latest art-historical research findings based on documents from the artist’s estate never published before.

With contributions by Svetlana Alpers, Claudine Grammont, Shirley Jaffe, Robert Kushner, Olga Osadtschy, Frédéric Paul and Molly Warnock

Zur Basler Retrospektive, die auch Skizzenbücher enthält, erschien im Christoph Merian Verlag ein umfangreicher Ausstellungskatalog mit einem sehr informativen Interview, das der amerikanische Maler Robert Kushner 2003 mit der Künstlerin in Paris geführt hat. (Walter Labhart, tachles, 2.06.2023)