• Virtual Reality (E-Book)

Dominik Landwehr (ed.)

Virtual Reality (E-Book)
Edition Digital Culture 6

May 2019, 324 pages, 33 mainly colour illustrations, softcover, 11 x 18 cm, German/English
ISBN 978-3-85616-887-2

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Virtual Reality (E-Book)

On immersion into new realities as created by humans

With contributions by Marc Bodmer, Jennifer Beck, Neal Hartman, Tina Sauerländer, Peggy Schoenegge, Maike Thies, Wolfgang Ulrich, Matthias Zehnder, and Annina Zwettler

Volume 6 of the successful series «Edition Digital Culture»

Virtual Reality was on the wish list of computer developers early on. The dream of transcending the world of flat images is old and already appears in baroque church domes. The magic word here is immersion into an artificial environment. Digitization has now brought this dream of science and business within reach.

The bilingual publication illuminates the potential of the new forms of immersion in the field of culture with examples from film, television, museums, art, education, entertainment, and gaming. Projects such as Birdly, Desktop Jacob Burckhardt Digital, or the work of Mélodie Mousset are prominently featured. Sidelong glances at the industry (medicine, architecture) as well as a look at archaeology and the reconstruction of destroyed cultural monuments complete the presentation. A comprehensive glossary in the appendix explains the crucial terms.