• Stereographic Switzerland
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Jarryd Lowder (ed.)

Stereographic Switzerland

November 2021, 184 pages, 164 mainly colour illustrations, hardcover, 22,5 x 28 cm, with stereo glasses, Deutsch/Englisch
ISBN 978-3-85616-960-2

CHF 59.00 CHF 47.20 EUR 58,00
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Stereographic Switzerland

A fascinating technology from the beginnings of photography – «Virtual Reality» around 1900

Unusual, never-before-shown historical pictorial documents of Switzerland

With stereo glasses for viewing the approx. 100 stereo images

Exhibition Stereomania at the Landesmuseum Zürich: 23 July to 17 October 2021

Stereo photography is a process for producing three-dimensional images invented around 1850. The possibility of viewing them through a single apparatus enabled people to perceive the depicted items with breath-taking vividness. As an early tourist destination, Switzerland offered a stock of popular motifs for stereo photography. Companies from the Anglo-American region supplied a large market with stereo images depicting Swiss landscapes and landmarks.

This book provides insight into the unique stereo-image collection of the Swiss American Donald G. Tritt, which today forms part of the collection of the Swiss National Museum. The stereo glasses included bring meantime melted glaciers, vanished sights, and long since deceased women in national costume almost within our grasp.