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Julian Salinas

Photographs from the Southwest

March 2012, 192 pages, 100 mainly colour illustrations, hardcover, 30 x 20 cm, German/English
ISBN 978-3-85616-550-5


Glances into the side-streets of American culture

Large-format volume of photographs of an American journey

Ten picture chapters alluding to the Christian commandments

Exhibition in Basel (8. 3. 2012–5. 4. 2012)

In the course of a six-month tour of the southwest of the United States, Swiss photographer Julian Salinas concentrated on the issue of how 'freedom' and 'commandment' can be interpreted in our time. In ten picture chapters he examines the traces left by these two major authorities to which the American people committed themselves a long time ago. On his journey he encountered not only numerous free churches and hedonistic survivor-types, but also relics of a state that once promised its inhabitants heaven on earth and is now scarcely able to fulfil its promise.

This is a subtle, multifaceted work that presents new angles of vision and spurs the reader to reflect – not just on America, and not just on faith.

About the photographer:
Julian Salinas (* 1967) lives and works as a photographer in Basel. In addition to exhibitions at home and abroad, he has also published several volumes of photography.

Mit einem herkömmlichen Bildband über die USA hat dieses Werk des Schweizer Fotografen Julian Salinas herzlichen wenig zu tun. Indem der Künstler seiner Spurensuche schon im Voraus einen Raster unterlegete, kann er ein Thema einfangen und sichtbar machen, das sowohl von überzeitlicher als auch überregionaler Bedeutung ist. (Dr. Werner Fuchs, amazon, 8.3.2012)

Die Qualität der Bilder ist so hoch, dass man der Versuchung locker widerstehen kann, die 192 Seiten hastig zu überfliegen. (Dr. Werner Fuchs, amazon, 8.3.2012)

Julian Salinas vorgelegter Bildband besticht durch eindrucksvolle und meisterhafte Aufnahmen! (Willi Wilhelm, amazon, 17.7.2012)