• Menschenrechte und Revolution - Peter Ochs (1752-1821)
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Historisches Museum Basel
Benjamin Mortzfeld (ed.)

Menschenrechte und Revolution - Peter Ochs (1752-1821)

June 2021, 152 pages, 87 mainly colored illustrations, softcover with flaps, 19 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-85616-946-6

Menschenrechte und Revolution - Peter Ochs (1752-1821)

200th anniversary of Peter Ochs' death: June 19, 2021

Important personality for the development of modern Switzerland

Direct democracy is at the core of Switzerland's self-image. This was not always the case: towards the end of the 18th century, a small elite mostly ruled in the city cantons of the Old Confederation and large parts of the population had hardly any co-determination rights. In 1789, the Basel politician and diplomat Peter Ochs was openly enthusiastic about the French Revolution and persistently campaigned for human rights and political equality. In 1798, he was a driving force among the founders of the Helvetic Republic. Although this political project failed and Ochs was at times considered a traitor to his country, many of his libertarian ideals were subsequently realized.

This publication offers a knowledgeable insight into the biography of Peter Ochs and the changing assessment of his work. High-quality illustrations of previously unpublished documents enrich the journey through eventful times.

With contributions by Sara Janner, Benjamin Mortzfeld, Stefan Hess und Beat von Wartburg