• Ensemble Chauderon - AAA (F/E)

Harald. R. Stühlinger (ed.)
Christina Haas, Harald R. Stühlinger

Ensemble Chauderon - AAA (F/E)

October 2023, 196 pages, 113 mainly colour illustrations and plans, hardcover, 17 x 22,5 cm, Serie: swissmonographies, Serie: 2
ISBN 978-3-03969-025-1

Ensemble Chauderon - AAA (F/E)

French/English edition

An Architectural Icon of the 1970s

A first comprehensive publication on the Lausanne Building Complex

Published in the series swissmonographies

The building complex known as Immeubles Chauderon, built between 1969 and1974 as the administrative centre in the capital city of the canton of Vaud, is regarded in Switzerland as one of the most remarkable buildings of its day. The prominent location, the complex traffic and pedestrian routing system, the glittering aluminium facades developed together with Jean Prouvé and the central car-free square make the work designed by the Atelier des Architectes Associés (AAA) an icon of 1970s urban planning.

The book provides a comprehensive documentation of the building complex complete with historical plans, drawings and photographs, illustrating how the ensemble is integrated into the city’s texture. The appropriation by the users as well as the reception in the media are also addressed.

About the autors:
Christina Haas (*1989) is an EPFL architect and, since 2021, academic assistant at the Institut Architektur der Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW
Harald R. Stühlinger (*1970) is a historian of architecture, urban planning and photography and lecturer at the FHNW. He is founder and editor of the series swissmonographies.