• Alltagskultur und Totenrituale der Kelten
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Archäologische Bodenforschung Basel-Stadt (ed.)
Yolanda Hecht, Andreas Niederhäuser

Alltagskultur und Totenrituale der Kelten
Ein Siedlungszentrum am Oberrhein um 100 v. Chr.

September 2011, 116 pages, 100 illustrations, most in colour, hardcover, paperback, 21 x 27 cm, German/English
ISBN 978-3-85616-540-6

CHF 35.00 EUR 30,00

Alltagskultur und Totenrituale der Kelten

One of the most important Celtic excavation sites in Central Europe

Sensational finds and excavations in the Upper Rhine region

With a catalogue of finds that have made history

One of the most important archaeological excavation sites of the Late Celtic era in Central Europe is in the Upper Rhine region: Basel-Gasfabrik. More than a million objects were found there. The Celts were outstanding craftsmen and had trading links extending as far as the Mediterranean. The almost 150,000 square metre large, quasi-urban settlement existed from 150 to 80 B.C. The later industrial use of the site as well as building work for the pharmaceuticals company Novartis led to sensational discoveries.

The book presents a hundred years of research history, describes the settlement with its residential and trading functions and introduces rites associated with the dead. It also includes a catalogue of the finds, including objects that have made history.