Culturescapes Greece / Griechenland

Culturescapes Greece / Griechenland

Archaeology of the Future / Archäologie der Zukunft

October 2017

280 pages, c. 50 mostly color illustrations, paperback, 15,5 x 22,5 cm


ISBN 978-3-85616-845-2

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How is present-day Greece being influenced by its extensive history?

> Views on the themes of heritage, identity and solidarity
> Culturescapes Festival in different Swiss cities: October to December 2017

What characterises contemporary Greek culture – fine art, literature, film, theatre and music? In the publication Culturescapes Greece/Griechenland Greek artists, authors, researchers, scientists and politicians cast light on the themes of heritage, identity and solidarity. Twelve essays analyse how Greek culture is influenced and constructed through the perception of such an influential past history – from Antiquity and the Byzantine Empire to the turbulences o the past-war era – or how the most recent political and economic developments permeate the concept of identity and belonging. The publication contains numerous illustrations and picture sequences by contemporary photographers.