Raus aus dem digitalen Unbehagen / Escaping the Digital Unease

Raffael Dörig, Domenico Quaranta (ed.)

Raus aus dem digitalen Unbehagen / Escaping the Digital Unease

October 2017

144 pages, c. 50 mainly colour illustrations, soft cover, 16 x 24,5 cm


ISBN 978-3-85616-844-5

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With critical and solution-oriented essays on digital media culture

> Essays by Raffael Dörig, Paul Feigelfeld, Claire Hoffmann, Marie Lechner, Domenico Quaranta and Felix Stalder
> Exhibition at the Kunsthaus Langenthal: September to November 2017

Constant activity in digital and analogue spaces leaves behind an increasingly diffuse feeling of unease, irrespective of how commonplace that activity may be. Meantime however, the marketing of social relations, the dissolution of the private sphere and the dominance of commercial actors are being perceived as a problem that demands an active interdisciplinary discourse. Media scientists and artists reflect here on that unease and present perspectives on and ways out of the excessive demands on users by way of the most recent research and artistic experiments.

The publication brings together essays on the most current developments in the net culture and provides insight into the international group exhibition featuring works by Olia Lialina, Christoph Wachter & Mathias Jud and Benjamin Grosser, among others.
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