S AM 09 - Anna Viebrock

Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum (ed.)

S AM 09 - Anna Viebrock

Im Raum und aus der Zeit - Bühnenbild als Architektur/In Space and Marked by Time - Stage Design as Architecture

January 2011

128 pages, 261 colour illustrations, paperback, 22,5 x 30 cm


ISBN 978-3-85616-521-5

CHF 19.00 / EUR 12,00

Anna Viebrock: “You don’t just design any old stage set …”

  • Distinguished stage-set and costume designer of the year
  • Exhibitions in Basel and Berne until March 2011
  • Photographs by the architecture photographer Walter Mair

Anna Viebrock, stage-set designer, costume designer and stage director, has exerted a great influence on contemporary stage set design. She combines elements of reality in her sets in such a way as to make them seem surreal. Be it a waiting room, the interior of an aeroplane or a ballroom – the sources of her inspiration are buildings and interiors of the past decades which Viebrock documents on her broad travels. In collaboration with the directors Jossi Wieler and Christoph Marthaler she has developed her highly distinctive style.

The process from the photographs to the final stage set is illustrated by means of 16 selected productions. Hubertus Adam introduces this artist’s fascinating work, Elena Kossovskaja writes on the theme of "The Everyday and the Achitecture of Switzerland", and Jacques Herzog explores the whole field of tension between building and stage in conversation with Anna Viebrock.
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