Novartis Campus – Asklepios 8

Ulrike Jehle-Schulte Strathaus (ed.)

Novartis Campus – Asklepios 8

Herzog & de Meuron

October 2015

112 pages, 92 colour illustrations and plans, linen bound, 24 x 31 cm


ISBN 978-3-85616-666-3

CHF 54.00 / EUR 49,00

Herzog & de Meuron build for the Novartis Campus

  • Striking building with a filigree façade
  • An interview with Jacques Herzog
  • An artistic intervention by Katharina Fritsch
  • Photographs by Erica Overmeer
Directly on the bank of the Rhine, at the north-eastern periphery of the Novartis Campus beside the Dreirosenbrücke, is the striking high-rise building by Basel architects Herzog & de Meuron which forms a link between the Campus and the Rhine promenade. On the side of the building facing the river there is a public restaurant which functions like a huge plinth for the towering building. The building at Asklepios 8 doubles, so to speak, the building height envisaged in the master plan by means of a three-storey volume with a clear structure visible from the outside. What seem like innumerable rounds supports staggered downwards cause the façade to appear filigree and to shimmer optically. A work by the artist Katharina Fritsch complements the building.
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